However, when it comes to potential buyers searching online, it's necessary to locate them via the Web.

It has a staff of campaign managers whose job is to expand the reach of their clients' sites through digital marketing strategies, including demographic analysis and reporting, and ads and communications tailored to their target market.

Where Buyers Are in the Process

Rachel Allard, USM's VP of Operations, explained that they draw on a variety of data to recognize what stage potential customers are at in their real estate purchase: Sources include our own user data listings searched or favorited, price ranges selected, agents worked with, etc , site behavioral data content viewed , listing data newly listed properties, sold in the area, etc , analytics/search data keywords and behaviors , ad campaign data other sites users have visited, user demographics, psychographics, interests, specific messaging a user interacts with and more.

Someone seeking to buy likely looks for information on neighborhoods and mortgages.

USM also leverages our client and platform data, identifying trends, and incorporating those into our marketing strategies.

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