On the rare occasions when a competing automaker offers an AWD version of a basic bread & butter commuter and grocery-getter, it s always at the top of the price walk, but since 1993, Subaru has been building the Impreza with AWD at a price comparable to every other compact economy model on the road.

It s a compact economy car available as a four-door sedan or five-door hatchwagon, powered by Subaru s quirky but solid horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine, with AWD.

Subaru fanatics will be jumping to the comments about now to point out that some early 1.8-liter Imprezas were FWD-only, and there were some really sweet two-door coupes made as late as 2001.

That s all true, but the appeal of the Impreza has always been the solid economy car value proposition with AWD as the sweetener.

An Impreza will go anywhere on any day of the year, and you don t have to drive a ponderous SUV or brutal 4WD pickup truck to do it.

The foundation of the next-generation Impreza is the new Subaru Global Platform.

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