Credit: Mark Hachman / IDG

A Savile Row suit can make anyone look like a million bucks—but only if it s tailored appropriately.

And so it goes for the Neonode AirBar, a surprisingly good peripheral that adds touch capability to an ordinary laptop or monitor, provided you buy the correctly sized AirBar.

Neonode s AirBar certainly sounds like a steal: The slender sensor wand attaches to a laptop screen or standalone monitor, very much like Tobii s line of eye trackers.

Typically, native touch capabilities add about $100 or so to the cost of a new monitor, with no way to retrofit an existing touch-less device.

Unlike Tobii s set-it-and-forget-it magnetic mounting bar, the AirBar attaches via magnets: a pair of small magnets with sticky backing that attach to your screen s bezel, and which grab onto the magnets on the AirBar itself.

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