If you want the best possible picture from an LG TV, you re going to want to look at its OLED models, but they re fairly expensive and not everyone wants to spend that kind of money on a TV — even a really good one.

LG is aware of this, and is constantly working to improve its LCD models.

The latest result of the company s efforts to that end is the SJ9500 Super UHD TV, which LG says provides its best 4K LCD picture quality ever.

To achieve this, LG uses a quantum dot film developed by the company s display division that it calls Nano Cell, which allows for more accurate colors, deeper blacks, and a wider viewing angle.

While conventional LCD displays can lose nearly 60 percent of their color and contrast when viewed from off to the side, LG says the SJ9500 maintains 95 percent at the same angles, meaning you don t have to fight over the best seat in the house, at least not for picture-related reasons.

As expected in a premium TV these days, the SJ9500 supports high dynamic range HDR , with both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats supported.

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