Today s processors, no matter how powerful, use transistor-based technology that s been around for decades.

These transistors have gotten smaller and smaller, and are now pushing the limits of what s possible with this electron-based technology.

In fact, Moore s Law, which has predicted continued increases in processor performance throughout the history of computing, is starting to lose its power and new types of processors are being sought to keep computer processing power on the increase.

One such technology is light-based chips that could boost power without increasing energy requirements, and Hewlett Packard Labs has built the largest one so far, as IEEE Spectrum reports.

Hewlett Packard Labs is part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE , and the research arm of HPE is not the first to pursue more computational power through photons instead of electrons.

Light-based processors are nothing new, but HPE s effort packs in 1,052 optical components into a single chip, marking the largest and most complex effort at using light to perform calculations.

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