There's no tracker or ad-blocking, no real configurability, an average set of 27 locations in 19 countries – it's not bad, more focused on being just good enough .

Each extra device requires a separate subscription adding a Mac would be another £24.99/$30.50/AU$24.99 a year, Android/iOS devices are £7.99/$9.75/AU$13 each .

You're clearly paying a premium for the Avast name, but there are other benefits, including some quality easy-to-use native clients.

And even if the service does seem expensive, a no-strings 7-day trial gives you the time to try it for yourself, no payment details required.

Avast has so many services and applications that it can be a challenge to find policy details on SecureLine, but head off to the FAQs section of the support site and you'll uncover some clues.

The company explains that there's no logging of your internet activities, the sites you access, packet data or even the bandwidth used.

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