Marc Andreessen s quote that software will eat the world has long been famous — with doomsday predictions about Amazon Go and the end of jobs making his quote seem more and more prescient.

Sector-level secularism and the search for yield

Macroeconomists typically think about the economy, without too much focus for specific sectors –measuring in terms of the aggregate price level inflation , unemployment, demand and supply GDP .

Software has always had very high financial appeal in concept because it can be so easily re-sold to many users.

A startup founder can likely get rich by setting their sights on the biggest possible industry to disrupt.

Recent increases in oil and gas drilling activity in response to higher energy prices were seen as a positive development for the investment outlook; however, a few participants reported that uncertainty about prospects for government policy, shorter investment time horizons for businesses, or the potential for advances in technology to disrupt existing business models were likely weighing on capital spending plans.

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