Secure messaging company Sndr is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter today for SndrBlock, a palm-sized device that lets you share huge files in a secure way.SndrBlock is a hybrid cloud personal communications device that acts as an intermediate cache between you and the cloud.

It s roughly the size of an iPhone 6 and has local storage.

You can send files to SndrBlock, and it will then send messages and files to those you want to share them with.No longer will slow internet speeds be a burden for communication and content sharing, even if you have a self-serving internet service provider or device overload.

With SndrBlock messages, you can instantly upload and download with a single touch from mobile or desktop devices.

Gargantuan files, even 4K full-length feature films, can be securely stashed in the cloud or sent to contacts, without limitations or message failures.And with complete message oversight, senders can recall messages without time constraints and can set rules for recipients.At its core, SndrBlock rewrites the rules for digital communications and file sharing.

It was built with Sndr, the first content-sharing and communication platform with security.

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