minister of Defense Jussi Niinistö ps to start the project, whose task is to prepare the necessary proposals for legislative changes, which are necessary for national security, improve armed forces military official's name, when and officer in the studies leading to the selection.

"the Prime minister Juha sipilä of the government programme in accordance with the government focus double nationality-related legislation.

Now set the project began planning in December 2016 when it became clear that official legislation development project did not proceed to double-citizenship issue, as security authorities was seen as necessary", the defense ministry said in a statement.

"the aim of the Project is to bring the legislation to reflect more comprehensively the changed security situation and new threats.

the Project's main objective is to increase national security.

of the military posts in the could be for this purpose in the future as a rule, appoint a person who is only a Finnish citizen", the bulletin describes.

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