But amidst the science fiction, we should remember that contemporary AI is a massive opportunity for business.

In the next decade, AI s main contribution will be to automate repeatable, complex tasks and help find new insights in data.

This may sound less exciting than killer robots, but it is business world-changing.

Further up the chain, AI is analysing years of pharmaceutical research to identify missed patterns and correlations that could lead to new drugs and personalised combination treatment regimes for rare conditions.

F1 teams are analysing data for improvements to give them an edge, councils are developing customer service bots, video games are creating characters by modelling real life behaviours, banks are using AI to spot fraud, and retailers are using AI to price goods and services effectively in the real-time, global marketplace.

AI improves on previous data approaches in that it learns from data to solve problems without being explicitly programmed to do so, and it will continually improve as it ingests more training data.

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