Meanwhile, our sources report rapidly growing view counts on Instagram Stories, and engagement-to-follower rates one social influencer talent agent called Insanely f*cking high .

Some are not posting at all anymore on Snapchat, says the CEO of a social content production studio about the dozen social media stars they represent.

That s the same number of users that Snapchat s whole app reportedly hit around June 2016, after seeing swift growth from 110 million daily users in December 2015, Bloomberg reported.

Meanwhile, influencer marketing platform TheAmplify s CEO Justin Rezvani says On average our influencer community is seeing 28 percent higher open rate on Instagram than Snapchat , referring to view count.

This change should have directly caused some drop in views since Snapchat users aren t being shown Stories they re less interested in, which they might have fast-forwarded through while still triggering view counts.

Her Instagram Story numbers are growing faster than anything right now says John Shahidi, founder Shots Studios, the Justin Bieber-backed selfie app and video creation startup that represents Stocking.

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