2017 may be the year marketers finally master the in-app experience, and go beyond customer acquisition to engagement and retention

Mobile is a complex marketing channel, and it's difficult to truly normalize or standardize a strategic approach to it.

Nevertheless, it's one of the strongest channels for marketing because of its consistently high user engagement.

Last year saw AR, live streaming, and other forms of interactive video dominate mobile, and many of the discussions around it.

This year's major mobile shake-up has yet to reveal itself, but marketers can rest assured that something is coming to this vital, tumultuous space as 2017 unfolds.

Whether it's time-spent-in, purchase activity, average order size, or whatever it may be: When you look at apps vs. mobile web, apps tend to outperform by a very significant margin, says Jasper Radeke, director of marketing, US, at AppsFlyer.

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