At the same time, most marketers working in mobile, and in apps in particular, know that retention can be an issue for this increasingly popular channel.

This was the case for consumer technology company Ibotta before it partnered with the in-app video advertising platform Vungle.

Ibotta offers cash back or rebates on qualifying purchases to consumers who shop with Ibotta partners like Walmart, Target, Kroger, and more than 340 other brands, including other apps.

The company found itself in need of, not only more installs, but more crucially, more engagement from consumers using the app, particularly after their first purchase.

“Our strategy, like many apps in the [app] ecosystem was to scale user acquisitions at an efficient cost, and also bring in highly engaged users,” says Diana Kim, director of growth at The Mobile Growth agency, who worked as senior growth manager at Ibotta during its partnership with Vungle.

“So, in Ibotta's case, we were looking for a user to make a redemption, and continue to make redemptions after their first purchase.”

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