Now the time is ripe to also share the changing gadgets with strangers, think the team behind the new service Hygglo.

Hygglo (NTL) is a marketplace that lets strangers rent gadgets from each other in the dygnsbasis.

Above all, it is relatively expensive purchases that are rarely used, such as trailers and sports equipment.

The latter two with experience from Mentimeter, respectively, the journal of the king/Mediafy which was sold to Bonnier in 2011.

Now take the company into sek 3.3 million from Schibsted (NTL), together with Cint-founder and Bo Mattsson (NTL) and Jakob Tolleryd (NTL), serieentreprenören behind, among other things, Compricer.

the Reason we now choose to invest in the Hygglo is that the team behind is incredibly talented and we think they have great chances to succeed,” says Miriam Grut Norrby, Investment Manager at Schibsted Growth.

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