Apple unveiled Clips, a video-creation application that will allow users to combine video clips, photos and music into videos that can be shared through the Messages app on iOS or via social media.

Coming to iOS in April, the Clips app will allow users to capture new photos and videos within the app or import content from their photo libraries.

Users will be able to add visual filters, speech bubbles, shapes and emoji to their projects, as well as “full-screen posters with animated backgrounds and customizable text.” Users will also be able to choose from a library of music soundtracks.

The Clips app will also include a Live Titles feature, which will allow users to create animated captions and titles using their voices.

These captions will appear on the screen in sync with a user’s voice.

Once a caption or title has been added, users will be able to customize it with different text and punctuation, as well as emoji.

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