As the company continues to consider all avenues for monetization, Twitter is gauging user interest in an advanced version of TweetDeck, which would include a range of new tools and features.

As you can see, the advanced version would incorporate analytics tracking, trending data, alerts and more.

How much additional insight they’d actually provide is the key question.

Twitter already monetizes their data through Gnip, which reportedly costs between $300 to $4000 per month, depending on what level of data access you require.

Given this, you’d think they wouldn’t be looking to cannibalize their own revenue potential by offering too much data through this option, but then again, maybe there’s a way to limit full access while giving you enough of a taste to make it functional – which they could do by highlighting trends and the like.

At present, your options for streams in TweetDeck are mostly limited to search related queries.

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