An all-encompassing, general content asset that attempts to address all the pain points your product solves isn’t going to resonate with every person involved in the decision-making process.

As marketers, we need to seek opportunities to get granular with our targeting strategy, build content assets that specifically address the micro-problems facing each stakeholder and empathize with the unique worldview of our end-users, influencers and decision-makers.

Here are four advanced targeting strategies that can help you engage with your B2B audience across all stages of the buying process.

Get granular with your audience segments and improve engagement by testing specific content assets that appeal to each segment.

Implementation tip: LinkedIn provides granular targeting options that enable you to target subsets of your audience either through position, job function, seniority level or title.

For example, if your end user is an IT Operations Manager, and your decision-maker is the CTO, create two separate campaigns: target job function (IT), and utilize a secondary targeting layer for seniority (Manager vs. Executive).

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