Amazon has delayed the opening of its cashier-less retail stores thanks to technical problems.

Due to open to the public at the end of this month, after a trial version was launched in the US in December 2016, the futuristic Amazon Go store uses cameras, sensors and algorithms to track products taken from the shelves.

Sticking with the innovative theme, there are no cashiers and customers simply leave the store with their purchases without opening their wallets, as items are charged directly to their Amazon accounts.

However, the technology is reportedly having difficulties with the payment system, according to reports.

Currently only open to employees of the company, the Seattle-based 1,800 foot test store was anticipated to open to the public in early 2017, but technical issues mean the technology that tracks shoppers can only handle up to 20 people at any time.

The system also has trouble tracking items that have been moved from their original location.

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