Is your current audio setup leaving you wanting when it comes to bass response?

Poor-quality lows, common on many low-end headsets, can severely limit your enjoyment of bass-heavy music, movies, and games.

The smartphone-friendly Sony MDR-XB950AP headphones, now available from Newegg for $59 for a limited time, deliver boosted bass in a sleek and comfortable package at a price point that — unlike most high-end cans — won’t leave you reeling.

These over-ear headphones deliver deep head-thumping lows via large 40mm neodymium magnet drivers and a built-in Acoustic Bass Booster.

A frequency response range of 3 – 28,000Hz ensures that, while the Sony MDR-XB950APs are purpose-built for bass-lovers, the headphones still deliver crisp mids and bright, clear highs.

Air vents on the top of each ear cup improve air flow and work with the Beat Response Control feature to minimize distortion at high volumes, enhancing bass response even further.

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