Everyone agrees that the experience must be seamless and delightful, of course, and there's a growing consensus that it goes beyond marketing to encompass the entire customer life-cycle, from the top of the funnel, through conversion, to service, retention, and loyalty.

The 360 degree view is suddenly real

Isobar US is an established full-service digital agency with a global footprint.

I chatted at Adobe Summit 2017 with VP Navneet Virk about the the interplay between agency and consultancy services.

As an example, he offers Isobar's strategic partnership with Enterprise Rent-a-Car, a long-established private company which had been beset by inertia when it came to digital presence.

But if you want to locate the cutting edge of what Accenture is doing to transform clients into "experience businesses," it's worth looking at the operation called Accenture Interactive, itself a part of Accenture Digital.

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