Renault wants to drastically cut waste from its digital advertising and believes programmatic targeting holds the answer.

That’s why the French auto maker is doubling its programmatic spend from 30 to 60 percent of its digital media budget this year.

The goal: to use the efficiencies provided by programmatic advertising to free up budget for big, creative branding campaigns, and in doing so recapture what Renault marketing chief Bastien Schupp has previously described as the brand’s “lost soul.”

“We believe new methods with programmatic and addressable media will allow us to be much more targeted and focus our tactical messages,” said Schupp.

Fresh from its brand overhaul in February, Renault is widening its net to reach consumers who aren’t actively looking for a new vehicle.

Renault is adding data-management platforms to each of its 127 markets, including France, Spain and India, by 2019, with each team choosing from a select list of vendors to keep things simple.

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