The HyperPuff takes warmth to a whole new level, integrating an entirely new form of insulation in an accordion-like fashion which allows for down-like compressibility and self-lofting capacity.

The bottom line is, both goose and duck down win the warmth-to-weight challenge by a large margin while also scoring high regarding compressibility.

The fluff beneath bird feathers kept people insulated for centuries, heralded for its ability to loft and create a tangible area of warmth around the body.

While down soaks up water and clumps together worthlessly, synthetic materials prevent absorption and maintain physical form, continuing to insulate even while exposed to moderately wet conditions.

Patagonia designs its own insulation

“The Hyper Puff [products] do not use any Primaloft insulation,” Patagonia product line manager Linden Mallory told Digital Trends.

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