ZX Spectrum reboot company Retro Computers Ltd appears to have lost control of two of its web domain names over the weekend – and is now complaining about a “security breach” after some cheeky person bought them and pointed them at sites criticising RCL.

The two domains, zxvega.co.uk (a reference to the firm’s flagship product) and retro-computers.co.uk were both re-registered on 29 April to someone using an anonymising proxy registration firm.

For this to happen, whoever was in control of the domains would have had to have let them expire or have given them up.

The two domains now respectively point to a comedy page titled Bum Fun Gaming and a blog about RCL’s continued failures to deliver a product, file accounts, or do anything except post social media updates.

RCL declined to comment when we asked if any customer data had been compromised and why they reported a self-inflicted blunder to the police, as the April 30 update on their Indiegogo page says.

Company chairman David Levy still has control of RCL's flagship retrocomputerslimited.com domain, though it is registered to him through his firm Intelligent Toys Ltd.

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