p When it comes to air conditioners, window units don't rate as the most fashionable, and increasingly stylish portable offerings are coming to market.

It’s high time to turn on your AC, and if you don’t want a large window unit cramping your style, you might instead consider the latest offering from Frigidaire.

The home appliance company has a new portable air conditioner for 2017, and at 12,000 BTUs, it’s bound to keep you cool in even the hottest months of the year.

The Frigidaire Gallery Portable Air Conditioner comes in at about a foot wide, a foot deep, and three feet high.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi control, you can choose to cool your room from anywhere at anytime by way of the Frigidaire Smart App.

You can use your smartphone to turn the unit on or off, change its temperature, control what mode it operates in, and adapt fan speeds.

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