Will the idea of augmented humanity become a trend as we rush to leverage cutting edge technology?

At the Emirates Stadium, home to Arsenal Football Club, the Microsoft Business Forward event included high ranking speakers from Microsoft, and some of those they work alongside such as LinkedIn and Renault Sports.

A stand out speaker was the formidable Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post, and previously the editor in chief of the title now owned by AOL.

Arianna Huffington has recently featured in the news because of the major changes at Uber, a company that she is on the board of, and was for a time the first and only woman.

Huffington focussed on the disruptive importance of augmented humanity in the future, tying in with the toxic workplace that has been so problematic at Uber.

“At the same time that we celebrate augmented reality, and all the different elements achieved, I would love us to start thinking about augmented humanity, because I feel that it is going to be a huge competitive advantage, and again most people don’t even know that they want it, but I predict that in the next couple of years, the businesses that also handle augmented humanity and have humanised their digital products are going to be the winners, and there is nothing any more amazing and disruptive than giving people something before they even know they need it.” Arianna Huffington said.

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