It’s easy to figure out when you’ll get hooked up to the NBN by popping your address into NBN Co’s website, but that doesn’t tell you what technology will keep you connected to the internet: fibre or fixed wireless.

According to NBN Co, about 5% of Aussies will be eligible for the fixed wireless connection – that’s around 600,000 premises, mostly in rural and remote parts of the country, where the distance between properties is too large to make laying fibre cost effective.

For a fixed wireless connection, data is transmitted from a tower located a few kilometres away to a rooftop antenna installed at the customer’s premises.

What is fixed wireless technology

A fixed wireless NBN connection utilises a series of ground stations to relay 4G radio signals (similar to how mobile broadband or LTE technology works) to deliver broadband services to a home that could be located as far as 14km away.

It’s also restricted by distance – explaining the maximum of a 14km radius – and trees and metal rooftops could degrade the signal.

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