Here we outline four key areas that merit attention.

Millennials might be tech-savvy but Gen Zers are tech innate.

In fact, our research shows that Millennials continue to devote significant online time to their PCs and laptops each day.

The picture is different for Generation Z: they’re the first generation to be spending longer online on their mobiles each day than on all other devices combined.

There’s often talk that 10 years on Facebook is losing its relevance among younger consumers, but it remains the clear hub that underpins social activities for Generation Z just as it does for Millennials - with over 80% of both groups visiting or using the platform each month.

Facebook-owned Instagram has been a huge hit among both generations too, but notably so for Gen Z. Photo- and video-centric platforms clearly appeal to these young consumers, with photo-sharing competitor Snapchat long being synonymous with the youngest consumers.

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