In typical Nolan fashion, he goes beyond the norms to depict the events.

Business Insider spoke to Nolan about the challenges of making “Dunkirk,” using as little CGI as possible to pull off the action, casting Harry Styles in one of the main roles, and why he can’t get enough of the comedy “MacGruber.”

Jason Guerrasio: One of the big things I took away from the movie was how intimate the setting and characters were compared to the subject matter and the IMAX format.

The high aspect ratio on those screens, you're getting the roof of the set, the water creeping in from the bottom, you can get a very tactile sense of the situation we're trying to present.

Nolan: I think, to be perfectly honest, everything we managed to do with the IMAX camera has encouraged us to try more and more.

I think in truth the only real limitation for me of those cameras is we haven't found a way to make them sufficiently soundproof to record dialogue.

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