It's the question that every PC nerd has asked themselves as they've been poring over online store listings: should I buy a mechanical keyboard with clicky tactile switches, or one with silent and linear keys?

Razer actually has three mechanical keyswitches — the tactile clicky Green, the linear and silent Yellow, and the mid-ground compromise of the tactile and silent Orange.

The Yellow is only available in the newest BlackWidow Chroma V2, so I got hold of a pair of otherwise identical boards to examine the difference for myself.

Razer's existing Green and Orange switches are functionally quite similar, and have an identical construction and internal layout, but for the fact that one clicks while the other doesn't — they both have an identical travel distance and actuation point, although you'll have to let up the Green a little more before you can double-tap it (a standard characteristic of 'clicky' switches) where the Orange switches off barely a tenth of a millimetre after it switches on.

Because of that, and because the difference is far more stark between the two, I'm comparing Razer's Green switches with its Yellows; all my comparisons are on the BlackWidow Chroma V2.

It's well built, it has the function keys I want, the (removable, magnetic) wrist rest is plush and comfortable, it has lots of pretty LED colours.

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