When talking about surround sound in headphones, surround, usually it is to be understood that it is about the virtual surround processing.

the Asus ROG Centurion differs from the rest of the market by offering true 7.1-channel sound in the ear cup.

Each surround channel thus has separate speakers (elements) spaced at the appropriate locations in the gigantic ear cup.

in fact, There are not fewer than 10 elements in the headphones, because the center and subwoofer channels must have elements in both covers end up in the right place in the perspective – it would look stupid out with a center speaker in the boiler.

Because the output from most computers is in stereo, has ROG Centurion a private external surroundljudkort: a hearty, hexagonal box with two knobs can adjust the sound level for each channel, and adjust the brightness.

it's Not RGB, but the red LED light in both the earcups and kontrolldosan.

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