You would’ve thought that after a series of similar PR fails (see Snapchat’s Bob Marley filter), companies would have learned by now not to try and change a person’s race using technology.

While we’re all keen to see how selfie-editing apps can make us look like an elderly pensioner or with fluorescent pink hair, we’re definitely not here for racial filters.

And that is exactly what popular FaceApp, has been accused of doing after releasing a software update on Wednesday morning that lets users change their selfies to ‘black’, ‘Indian’ or ‘Asian’ - yes you read that correctly.

Once you select an option, the app not only alters your skin tone but also transforms your hair colour and some specific facial features.

Despite only being live for 24 hours, the internet is already pretty outraged.

Wow... FaceApp really setting the bar for racist AR with its awful new update that includes Black, Indian and Asian “race filters”

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