The two companies came head to head last week, after Consumer Reports took the unexpected decision to strip Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Laptop of their “recommended” ratings, in addition to warning buyers off the Surface Pro 4.

That was down to the worrying results of a survey which suggested Microsoft’s laptops and tablets were the least reliable in the industry.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft wasn’t especially pleased with that characterization.

While Panay didn’t give specific return numbers, he did insist that “both our predicted 1-2-year failure and actual return rates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are significantly lower than 25%,” the figure Consumer Reports had based its decision on.

Seen by Paul Thurrott, the document not only specifies that Microsoft experienced “some quality issues” with both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, but gives a chart of return rates.

That indicates that the Surface Book saw a 17-percent return rate after its late-2015 launch, while Surface Pro 4 saw a slightly better 16-percent return rate.

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