Mushrooms containing psilocybin — usually just called ‘magic mushrooms’ — are a godsend for some individuals, proving to be a cure or a very effective treatment for cluster headache disorder and some other conditions, possibly including depression.

Despite the growing evidence of psilocybin’s medical potential, health-related usage hasn’t been a viable option for most people.

A new breakthrough study may change that.

Various studies have found favorable results when using psilocybin for a number of conditions: a better acceptance of death in terminal patients, potential easing of depression or anxiety in afflicted individuals, and more.

Legality aside for a moment, using mushrooms as a prescribed medical treatment isn’t feasible due to the sheer number of mushrooms that would be needed, plus the trouble with accurately dosing patients.

That makes this new discovery of how mushrooms produce psilocybin particularly interesting.

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