Wyoming, the least populous state in the US, is about to see its population double, literally overnight, as eclipse fans flood the college town of Laramie to see the solar eclipse that will sweep across the nation Monday -- and Laramie's not even in the path of totality.

State officials are expecting over half a million people to visit Wyoming for the historic coast-to-coast eclipse, a figure roughly equal to the permanent population there.

It's possible that those visitors could bring a little weirdness with them -- one rumor going around Cheyenne tells of a group of international tourists staying at a resort in the city with plans to head north to an unknown location within the path of totality on Monday.

I went so far as to visit the resort in question but saw no evidence of large international tour groups.

It's possible this rumor grew out of the widely circulated story of a man looking for a partner to conceive with during the eclipse via Craigslist.

Elsewhere, around Wyoming's population centers not in the path of the total eclipse, thousands of cars come flooding over the border from Colorado, and tourists fill restaurants, campgrounds and hotels with activity well above what you'd expect to see on a Sunday night in summer here.

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