Chap claims accounting cockup left a permanent black mark on his credit history

Travis Combs, of Virginia, is suing the wireless giant for damages and distress, alleging violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

He claims that by misreporting his closed account as "delinquent," Verizon has unfairly driven down his credit score and, as a result, caused him to be turned down or given worse terms by lenders and banks.

According to the complaint [PDF] filed this month with the Western Virginia US District Court, Combs closed his wireless account with Verizon in January of 2014.

Two months later, he received an invoice from the carrier showing he had a negative balance of $75.40 and was told that he would get a check for the extra money.

However, Combs says, Verizon ended up sending him additional bills in the following months, despite acknowledging no activity on his account.

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