SpaceX this past weekend held its second Hyperloop Pod design competition for student teams at the 0.77 mile-long test track it built near its Hawthorne HQ, and we were there to witness the final showdown between the top three qualifying competitors.

The day was an exciting one with the teams eager to show that their pods could not only travel the length of SpaceX’s test track — but also do it fast.

In the end, the winner was the Technical University of Munich’s WARR Hyperloop Pod, which featured an all-carbon fiber construction and which also ran the top speed during SpaceX’s first competition back in January.

The WARR Pod managed only 58 mph then, however, and exceeded 201 mph during its run this time around — it was also the only team to shoot for its theoretical maximum during a trip down the tube.

The other two teams, including Northeastern and Memorial University’s Team Paradigm and Swissloop from ETH Zurich and other Swiss schools, both performed admirably as well, managing successful runs despite encountering a few technical hiccups.

We spoke to Paradigm’s Mark Comeau, as well as Swissloop’s Luca Di Tizio and WARR Hyperloop’s Stephen Müller.

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