If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, you would be familiar with the excitement of battling in gym arenas and beating other players’ Pokemons to become a gym leader and earn badges of glory.

Now, Tech in Asia has brought that concept from reel life into real life with its mainstay segment: the hotly anticipated Arena pitch battle – featuring a perpetually packed Main Stage with only standing space.

Back for its 4th installment at Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017, past editions of this segment has produced a strong track record of winners achieving success in their startup ventures.

As Tech in Asia embarks on a search for their next winner, here are your key takeaways simply from participating at the Arena pitch battle:

To successfully scale up your startup, financial backing is important.

In fact, your chances of securing funding are significantly higher than other attendees as your startup’s information will be shared with participating investors and media outlets.

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