Since Apple released the wireless headphones Airpods in december 2016, the company has accounted for 85% of all sold products in the segment of the ”true wireless” – that is to say, completely wireless headphones that sit in each ear for himself – reports analysfirman NPD.

a Total of about 900 000 pairs have been sold in the united states since the end of the year so Airpods-sales is around 765 000 copies.

Many competitors as Bragi, Samsung, Jabra and Motorola have also released the headphones of this type but they have thus not been at the Apple in terms of sales.

One reason for this could be Apple's relatively aggressive pricing.

While the company usually has slightly higher prices than the other was the Airpods among the cheapest models on the market when they were released.

another strong card is W1-the chip that drives the headphones and makes the connection to the Iphone and Ipad extremely easy.

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