Indian ecommerce brand Flipkart and Amazon have locked horns again in an attempt to gain supremacy over Indian consumers with their respective sales and television campaigns.

After Amazon opened fashion photography studio to strengthen ties with brands and creative talent in India, Flipkart moved to partner with India's multiplatform digital content networks, ScoopWhoop (SW) to create a ‘Content Roadblock' to discuss 'mehengaai' (expensive) and engage customers across different categories like fashion and videos.

The Drum spoke with Meghana Bhat, chief strategy officer at ScoopWhoop Media to find out what it aims to achieve out of this campaign for Flipkart.

So we communicated the 'mehengaayi' (expensive) proposition using slice of life videos, quizzes are being used to creatively engage with customers for categories like fashion, informational videos convey the biggest offers, and social media posts create constant awareness and hype.

"A content roadblock is designed for brands to capitalize on the immense reach and depth of ScoopWhoop with minimum disruption and maximum impact."

A report published by Google and KPMG titled ‘Indian languages – Defining India’s Internet’ provides a comprehensive overview of the Indian language ecosystem and key behavioral aspects of Indian language internet users.

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