When it comes to sharing and on-demand services, there seems to be no limit to what goes around in the Chinese ethosphere.

The authorities drew the line on a “girlfriend sharing” service with sex dolls this month, and the startup had to shut down.

Here’s a look at the breadth of China’s sharing, renting, and on-demand services economy beyond the ubiquitous bike-sharing and ride-sharing.

The Chinese are digging into their own treasure troves to offer their neighbors a share of what they loved but grew tired of.

And what’s being sold aren’t just consumer goods: here you can also find a pink diamond, which sold for US$1.15 million; a full-size commercial aircraft, which sold for a bargain at US$76,000, and a lock of long hair, which sold for US$455.

If you forget your umbrella on a rainy day, there’s an app that will locate for you the nearest place to borrow an umbrella.

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