Not sweating past failures is good life advice, but it's nice to know that even one of the most successful men in modern history has a few regrets.

Bill Gates said during a recent interview with CNN that one regret he has when looking back on his life and career, is in making the interrupt function on Windows PCs trigger at Ctrl, Alt, Delete.

Although a classic maneuver every Windows user knows, he believes it was overly complicated and if he could have a do-over, he would make it a single key press.

When you are the world’s richest man, one of the most respected philanthropists, and have a place on the Mount Rushmore of modern computing, it has to be hard to find anything to regret.

Gates doesn’t have many, saying during his chat at the Bloomberg Business Forum that he thinks to change even the smallest of details of one’s past would have a serious butterfly effect with everything else.

But he would change that two-handed interrupt command.

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