Usually the first questions will revolve around the world’s most known cryptocurrency, bitcoin, but eventually, curious minds will start researching more types of “coins” and looking into the digital ledgers we refer to as “the blockchain.” It’s a lot to comprehend and sometimes the best way to understand something, is to look at some real world examples of what these things are doing for people and businesses all over the world.

I’ve compiled a couple startups and business ventures that are utilizing the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) to disrupt old-school industries like the ad sector and bank.

Getting a loan as an SMB can be a time consuming process where often times your options feel extremely limited.

Founded by Eugene Green, the company focuses on providing small and medium sized businesses loan options that are executed on the blockchain.

SMBs can take out loans through Wish Finance, with a interest rate based on the company’s actual cash flow, not prediction models or assets.

Wish Finance connects their decentralized solution to an SMBs Point of Sale system.

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