BlackBerry’s evolution from being a world-renowned consumer hardware company to one focused on software, services, and licensing took a notable step forward today: The Canadian company has settled a long-standing legal spat with budget smartphone company BLU Products, or BLU, as it’s most commonly known.

Last summer, BlackBerry kick-started legal action again two companies for purported patent infringements: Santa Clara-based internet telephone company Avaya in August 2016, and Florida’s BLU a few weeks later.

With the Avaya case still winding its way through the courts after a bankruptcy protection shield was lifted back in April, BlackBerry has been pressing ahead with action against BLU, and the case has now reached its conclusion.

The result is a patent license agreement that will see BlackBerry drop its U.S. lawsuits in exchange for “on-going payments” from BLU, though specifics of the deal have not been divulged.

“We are very pleased to have reached this patent license agreement with BLU Products,” explained Jerald Gnuschke, senior director of intellectual property licensing at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry was once a giant of the mobile world, and its stock enjoyed a peak of around $230 in 2007 under its former Research in Motion (RIM) moniker.

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