You’ve got the 4K TV, you’ve coughed up for a Sky Q UHD-ready premium set-top box, and now you’re looking for something great to show off all those pixels with.

If you’ve signed up for Sky’s 2TB Sky Q box with a Sky Q multiscreen subscription, you’re good to go, getting access to the suite of 4K films and TV shows Sky is currently curating.

It’s usually a £34 a month deal (including rental of the box), but is currently down to £32 a month.

There’s a growing selection of top-notch films on the service, with the library growing all the time, and Sky pumping more and more money into presenting its own original programming in 4K too.

Note you’ll have to download 4K content in advance of watching it, rather than streaming it – so if you’ve got a slower broadband connection, you may want to get some of these downloading well in advance of settling down to watch them.

Depending on the film and length, they can be many gigabytes in size.

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