This data is still fairly early, as the revamped App Store only arrived publicly with iOS 11’s release in September.

Not surprisingly, the report finds that snagging one of these featured spots can lead to a big boost in app sales, with some days being better than others.

Apple’s larger goal with the App Store makeover is to make it easier for users to find apps to try, and increase downloads for app developers – including, in theory, notable newcomers who may not have the marketing resources to promote their apps through paid advertising and other cash-intensive user acquisition strategies.

These haven’t consistently been newly launched or indie apps, however, though that can be the case – like when Apple suggested the recently launched Enlight Quickshot photo editor, for example.

Apptopia’s COO Jonathan Kay has criticized Apple’s selection, noting that many of the recommendations so far have not been from smaller developers, but rather bigger brands not in need of the extra promotion.

In addition, he points out that at least half the apps featured were making $10,000 or more in revenue per day – meaning Apple was also filling its own coffers by featuring these apps, thanks to its cut of app sales and in-app purchases.

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