Yandex, Russia’s homegrown Google rival — which offers a suite of similar products in its target non-U.S. markets, from search to webmail to maps — outed another equivalent offering earlier this month: An AI assistant.

But it also has what Yandex dubbed “a neural network based ‘chit-chat’ engine” to allow Alice to have “free-flowing conversations about anything”.

So yes, you can see where this story is going.

The company claimed this feature is “unique”, and that users find it “surprisingly delightful and different from other major voice assistants”.

Well, safe to say, Alice’s AI chit-chat feature is not uniquely proofed against controversy — and apparently quickly went off the rails, a la Microsoft’s Tay AI bot last year.

(Which, after being let loose on Twitter quickly learnt — thanks to the help of hate-loving Twitter trolls — to parrot racist and sexist views.)

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