On Halloween afternoon, a man, later identified as the twenty-nine-year old Sayfullo Saipov, drove a rented pickup truck off the West Side Highway and onto a bike lane, causing pedestrians, some of them costumed children, to scatter, and killing eight people and injuring eleven more.

Governor Andrew Cuomo echoed the Mayor, stressing that the violence would not change or deter New Yorkers “in any matter shape or form.” Accompanying these invocations were reassurances that New Yorkers were uninterested in, and impervious to, hate—that the city would reflexively eject racism.

Terror is designed to provoke a reactionary response; to negate this, we are urged to turn shock into pride, and rapidly.

In the aftermath of recent attacks, cities have been instantly aggrandized, and victims made into icons.

One month later, we learn that some survivors cannot afford their medical bills.

State of Mind.” Coverage of the city’s Halloween festivities amplified the sentiment: people were “flippant,” revelling with “zeal and verve,” as they traipsed through Greenwich Village for the holiday’s annual parade.

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