Labour will attempt to force through a new amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill in a bid to protect workers’ rights after Brexit.

On Wednesday the party will throw its weight behind warnings from trade unions who say unless amendments are made to legislation, the government will be able to slash rights without parliamentary scrutiny - including access to paid holiday and equal pay.

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act, which allows ministers to change laws they consider ‘a burden,’ ‘an administrative inconvenience,’ or ‘an obstacle to efficiency’, cannot currently cut across EU law.

But post-March 2019, Labour says the safeguard will fall away and leave workers’ rights, consumer standards and environmental protections exposed.

Shadow Brexit minister Matt Pennycook said: “Labour has been clear from the outset that the withdrawal bill is fundamentally flawed and is a serious threat to workers’ rights.

“If left unamended, the bill would give the Tories the power to chip away at fundamental employment protections, like paid leave and equal pay, without any scrutiny.

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