For decades technology companies have enjoyed a near-unbroken run of great publicity.

When forced, they might put out a blog post — claiming their tools are impartial, their platforms neutral, their role mere ‘blameless intermediary’.

Amazon’s appetite for crushing traditional retail and evading tax.

Or Twitter providing a safe place for nazis to spread violent hate speech and misogynists to harass women.

Silicon Valley’s creativity may have been seeded in the 1960s by hippy counterculture but the technological powerhouse its community constructed has graduated from hanging around in communes to churning out some of the most fervent capitalists in human history.

The long legacy of near zero critical debate around the de-formative societal pressures of tech platforms — whose core priority remains continued growth and market(s) dominance, delivered at a speed and scale that outstrips even the huge upheavals of the industrial revolution — has helped entrench a small group of tech companies as some of the most powerful and wealthiest businesses the world has ever known.

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