HPE has an Internet of Things alliance going with industrial giant ABB with the two pushing industrial IoT to make smarter, more efficient industrial products.

ABB is ASEA Brown Boveri, a Gobal 500 company head-quartered in Switzerland, and one of the world's largest engineering companies.

It makes heaving electrical gear, power generators, robotic equipment and automation tech, making $33.8bn last year and employing 132,000 people.

HPE and ABB have a previous form here; ABB building data centres using direct current, instead of AC, and HPE designed high voltage, DC-enabled servers and storage systems for this.

HPE also has Edgeline IoT systems which provide compute, storage and gateway connectivity for IoT devices.

It has a set of so-called Global IoT Innovation Labs, with one in Houston and others coming in Geneva and Singapore.

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